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What is important to us

Climate protection and sustainability

We are committed to low-emission, resource-efficient, and climate-friendly production methods and believe that sustainable economic practices can only succeed in this way. We advocate for a fair and non-exploitative approach to our planet, as well as the people around us.

Admittedly, the nature of our projects is well-suited for implementing them in a streamlined and environmentally friendly manner – and this is no coincidence. We believe that the advertising film industry must also contribute its part. Consequently, our projects and the way we execute them have consistently evolved towards a resource-efficient and environmentally conscious direction. We are always aware that responsible action starts with small steps, such as paperless communication, waste separation, repairing instead of discarding, using eco-friendly electricity instead of cheap providers, and providing vegetarian organic catering.

Case StudY

Smart Production With Sirplus

SIRPLUS - Rette mit! - Stop Motion TVC

How we implemented a production for the company SIRPLUS completely remotely and as resource-efficient as possible.

What we do

Our measures

Some practices have become a standard for us, but beyond that, we assess each project individually to identify opportunities for sustainable and resource-efficient production. For larger projects, we gladly seek the expertise of a Green Production Consultant.

Our Basics:


Production, Studio & Equipment​


Baum im Sommer mit Fahrrad


How we offset

For every project, we calculate our CO2 emissions and offset them. Currently, we achieve this by planting trees on the Treedom platform, as we believe that the trees will truly grow and be well cared for. Additionally, we are working towards being able to independently compensate for our emissions in the future; we are still searching for a piece of forest…

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