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BOSCH - Sustainability

Online / Social Media
Bosch MT "Sustainability"




C3 Creative Code and Content

Bosch now produces in a more sustainable manner, addressing various aspects. The material usage of their products has been optimized, packaging has been revised and reduced, and logistics have been reevaluated. Together with C3 and Bosch, we have developed a campaign to communicate these results. And of course, the production of the campaign was also designed to be sustainable and implemented efficiently.

Our work

Fisher Price - Stop Motion TVC

TV Commercial
Fisher Price "90 Jahre"

SONRA proto II - Kardan Adam - Online

Online / Social Media
SONRA proto II "Kardan Adam"

SIRPLUS - Rette mit! - Stop Motion TVC

TV Commercial
SIRPLUS "Rette mit!"

Coca Cola - Recycling Surig - Essigspray

TV & Cinema Commercial
Coca Cola "Recycling"

Surig - Essigspray - Stop Motion TVC

TV Commercial
Surig "Essigspray"

Pepsi - Homemade SodaStream - Stop Motion

Online / Social Media
Pepsi "SodaStream Caps"

Spreewood Distillers - Butterbird Rum - Online

Online / Social Media
Spreewood Distillers "Butterbird"

Manufactum - Dein Leben - Stop Motion / Timelapse

TV Commercial
Manufactum "Dein Leben"

John Deere - Cut - Hyperlapse TVC

TV Commercial
John Deere "CUT"

Freche Freunde - Quetschies - Test Spot

Online / Test Spec
Freche Freunde "Quetschies"

Verivox - Kosmische Kreditwünsche - Stop Motion TVC

TV Commercial
Verivox "Kreditwünsche"

Sanella - Schmetterling - Stop Motion TVC

TV Commercial
Sanella "Schmetterling"

Rauch Bravo - Ananas - Stop Motion TVC

TV Commercial
Rauch "Bravo - Ananas"

Crash - Loose Highlighter - Social Media

Online / Social Media
Crash "Loose Highlighter"

Calibro - Stop Motion

TV Commercial
Calibro "Stop Motion"

Granini - Sonnenflasche - TVC

TV Commercial
Granini "Bottle of Sun"

Becks Lemon - Plan - Stop Motion

Online / Social Media
Becks Lemon "Plan"

Online / Social Media
Becks Lemon "Plan"


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