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Frickelfilm - How the process works.

Where we start

From the vision to the prototype
to the final product

From the vision to the prototype to the final product

When a vision meets a problem, our work begins. We enjoy working together with you on the concept and contributing our ideas. Are you already one step ahead? Wonderful, then we assess all ideas for feasibility in order to ultimately transform them into appealing visuals.

Each of our projects has a individually tailored workflow. Most of the time, our productions differ from traditional live-action shoots, which is why we need different processes. We create initial “prototypes”: this can be a digital previsualization, the result of a test shoot, or even an experimental setup (and many, many attempts) to successfully execute technically demanding visuals. Because only by continuously testing our ideas and daring to think anew, do we achieve our goal.

How we work

Team player with a pioneering spirit.

Throughout the process, it is especially important for us to involve all project stakeholders. We are attentive to each other and can learn from one another. We do not claim to know everything, especially since we believe that our clients know themselves and their needs best. We want to co-create our projects with you and support each other so that everyone can see themselves in the final product.

We are explorers and are not afraid to try new things: unconventional perspectives and new techniques. We are always searching for simple and effective approaches. Let’s not deceive ourselves: trying out and taking new paths is not always necessarily faster than sticking to well-trodden ones. But it’s much more fun.

We believe that a transformation is necessary on multiple levels. The possibilities that emerge from it drive us forward. Looking towards the future motivates us to be curious and courageous.

Research and development have a significant place in our work. Failure is part of it when the technology is not advanced enough or when our vision is more beautiful than the outcome. What motivates us even more are those moments of success when a new idea proves to be successful.

We understand that it is not only about us in the here and now, but also about the future. We want to preserve a livable planet and place great importance on a sustainable approach to all resources. ➭ You can learn more about it here.

We value fair treatment and fair compensation for everyone involved in our projects. Our business model is not about scaling and maximizing profit. Instead, we strive to operate in a socially responsible manner, with people and not over them.

Open exchange and continuously expanding our network are important to us. We see diversity in every aspect as an enrichment, both professionally and personally.

Some information about

Studio & equipment

A tabletop studio in the Uckermark ...

Our studio has an area of approximately 50 square meters and is designed for tabletop sets. It’s perfect for all projects that fit on our large table. We are part of the “Haus mit Zukunft” in Angermünde (Uckermark) and often utilize the synergies that arise from it in our work. For example, the on-site technology workshop is constantly expanding and offers opportunities for 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC milling.

... fully equipped.

Trusses and monitors are permanently installed in the studio. In addition, we have a continuously growing inventory of camera, sound, and lighting equipment. Our specialty equipment, such as a 1,000fps high-speed camera or motion control equipment, enables us to create technically demanding visuals. This allows us to fully equip many projects in-house and be highly flexible in implementation.

Karl - Stop Motion Engineer

Hey, I'm Karl ...

I’m in the film business for 17 years. I am a passionate tinkerer and it satisfies me a lot to create beautiful pictures. Challenges drive me. That's why I'm always exploring new techniques and tricks and want to create visual innovations.

Mostly I take care of the camera work, but depending on the project I'm also an animator, director, set builder, light artist, cutter ... that's a lot, and I can't do everything at the same time. That's why I call for support, depending on whats needed, and am always happy to be able to do projects with good colleagues and friends.

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