The Service: Stop motion studio and more

Stop motion studio
The homebase is in our small and interactive studio in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Any project that fits into these 4 walls can be implemented here. And if it gets a bit tight, we can just build some extra space :)

However, the studio cannot make a film by itself, so we get all the necessary experts from our network when it comes to creating a new work of art. Concept, direction, animation and post-production - in six years in the stop motion business, we have built relationships with the best in the field.

Tabletop animation
We particularly enjoy tabletop animations. An explanation film, a stop motion, a noble packshot. As long as we fiddle around, we bloom. In addition to that, these projects fit well into our studio and we are equipped with the optimal technology for them.

With a size of approx. 25 sqm our studio is ideal for smaller sets such as tabletops. Crossbars and monitors are permanently installed. Prices and pictures are available upon request.
A basic equipment of cameras, sound and lighting technology can be rented from us. For single images we have two Canon 5D Mark III and for videos we have a Sony FS-7.
Service Production
We can also take over the service production if required. We take care of a smooth production process, from the first coffee to the wrap party.
Nothing will stand still here. Whether it is a stop trick, a camera trip or a moving light source. Movement makes our movies come alive.
Post production
We accompany the film through the whole editing: editing, retouching, color correction. This way we get everything out of the material, up to the final delivery.

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