We are passionate about tinkering. Anyone can create off-the-rack projects, but we’d rather not! Mainstream is not our thing. We want to do something that doesn't exist x times. Well, popular ideas are allowed - but then it must be really cool.

Technological solutions make our heart beat faster because that's when things get exciting. For example, when you have to synchronize the camera movement with a light change.
Or when we produce a livestream, whose image content is controlled by a browser application. Not always there is a ready-made tool to do that and that's when we come and start to tinker...

For example!?

This time you need an interactive livestream for the launch of your new website? We might already have an idea.
You have had a very crazy idea in your agency and do not know if you can implement it? Let us think about it.
No matter what you plan, just call us and let's talk about it.


Karl Hofmann is the one behind Frickelfilm, a friend of the image and lighting design, and a passionate tinkerer. Challenges make his job exciting.

Karl organizes, lights up and leads the camera. He cuts, retouches, composits and color-corrects the film. He also likes to take the saw and the screwdriver to build his own set. Since Karl can do a lot, but not everything at the same time, he is a great friend of teamwork. That is why he gets the necessary support for projects and is always happy to be able to implement projects with good colleagues and friends.

Good friends and colleagues are, for instance:

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